Styling a formal dress. What to wear on your formal.

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Formal dressFormal dresses come in so many different colours especially if you are shopping online as most items let you choose the colour you want. Colours are the key to getting everyone’s eyes and 2011 loves this. Pastel colours such as pinks, yellows, greens and blue are the trends this year however don’t be afraid to make it bold. The excellent key to wearing colour is accessorising in silver or gold jewellery to give the outfit a more elegant look and finishing with the silver heels. However back to basics colour black and white formal wear are still very much in trend. But having the perfect colour of your dress is only a portion of the dress, the style is another key influence.

2011 brings the wonderful a-line dress as an essential. An a-line dress is a dress that is narrow at the top but gently flares wider to give you a more straight slimming look. Although this isn’t going to be the case for every girl as we are all different shapes and sizes. For someone with curves or large hips a ball gown skirt dress is the best option as most and slimming at the waist and then flares out into the ball gown skirt. However an a-line dress is appropriate as well because this flares out around the hips onwards but isn’t as big and bold as the ball gown skirt. For someone who isn’t happy with their arms an essential is a strapless dress, especially with a sweetheart neckline (sweetheart neckline being a dress that has a heart shape top), you could also top this off by having some of your dress draped over your shoulders like a wrap.

Formal dress are essentially long either to the ground or a couple of inches higher so you are able to see your shoes, this is also a more common dress than the prom dress (short dress) as long dresses always have a more elegant look and a perfect feel for the formal. But this isn’t all cases, for someone with long legs might prefer to wear a shorter dress to show them off, in this case be sure that the dress isn’t too short as there is always the after party for that. Formal is a formal wear event and to get that formal wear tick an elegant long dress is always the appropriate choice.

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How to Dress for your age group

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Media today is filled with the picture perfect image of how a woman should look like, and as we women get older we find ourselves becoming more and more self conscious of how we dress, how old we are, and how old we look when we step out of the door every morning. This is becoming a big problem in today’s society as we sight more women, who are growing older but trying to look younger, and I’m not talking about trying to go back 3-4 years, I mean mothers copying their daughters. I’m going to try and help all you ladies out there and give you a few tips on how you can dress appropriately and still look great! The key factor in this process is to discover your own personal identity, so you aren’t just following the trends, but looking appropriate and unique too.

The First Step
What we need to do ladies is to figure out what we like, dislike and feel comfortable with. Start by grabbing a piece of paper and divide the page into two halves, what you like, and what you dislike. Be completely honest with yourself otherwise you won’t benefit from this and that’s what I want for you guys. Think about personal traits as well as physical. Now narrow it down and really come to terms with who you are. Think about how you want others to think of you, not just friends but strangers too. Now, write it down and analyse in conjunction with what you’ve got left in your list.

Buy according to what you like
Just because we’re getting older doesn’t mean we have to feel and look older. There are plenty of ways for you ladies to look great and feel great. Here’s something for you to try; next time you’re at the shopping centre and you see something you like, think back to your list and really think about whether you want it. If you do, go to an appropriate clothinMutten dressed as Lambg store and buy something like it. Even switch it up and accompany that shirt or outfit with some accessories. The possibilities are endless here. Keep to the same style and you will grow into it and eventually you will grow completely comfortable with your new style and your new sense of fashion.

If all fails and you are completely at a loss, it honestly doesn’t hurt to get an opinion from a friend in your age group. Reflect on how you present yourself to the world and dress accordingly. If you take this on a right turn, not only will it benefit you in the fashion world, but you will grow a new sense of confidence and beauty.

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Lucrative Career Paths for a Make Up Artist

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In the past, people would never think that a make up artist can earn a pretty good salary. Most would never even consider it as a career. But, as fashion and beauty became more significant for women all over the world, any make up artist can have a salary that equals those of lawyers, marketing managers and corporate officers. However, it still depends on how one handles the opportunities and how one works in this chosen profession.

There are a lot of opportunities to earn big and be famous while being a make up artist. The fashion industry alone requires an army of stylists and cosmetic experts to continue inventing and reinventing the modern woman. If you are considering to build a successful and lucrative career as a make up artist, here are some ideas on where you might want to start.

#1 Spa and Salons

Make up ArtistOne of the most natural and common career choices for a make up artist is to work for a salon or a spa. There are a lot of women and even men who always make it a point to go to a salon to feel good at least twice a month. Working as an artist in a salon might sound like a small job but in reality, if you perform well and work hard you can end up setting up your own establishment in the future and earn more. Also, if you are good at your craft, you can work for salons with big names and companies like Sally Hansen or Bobby Brown.

#2 Direct Sales Cosmetic

A consumer cosmetic brand or direct sales cosmetic company hires make up artists as their representative because of the person’s knowledge on how to match appropriate color cosmetics for different skin tones. The knowledge of the artist when it comes to cosmetics will also be a good foundation to promote and sell products for brands such as Mary Kay orAvon. If you do your job well and learn the ropes to marketing, you will end up like the hundreds of millionaires in the industry.

#3 Show Business

The movie making industry, modelling agency and Magazine Empire are probably the most desirable fields where every make up artist wishes to end up working in. The prominence and popularity that one can achieve in any of these industries can catapult a person into a highly successful career. It is also the most fun and creative way that an artist can practice his or her craft. And, being chosen by a movie star or a top model to do each and every make-up opportunity for his or her career will ensure that you are set for life!

One just has to remember that being a make up artist takes a lot of hard work, knowledge and creativity. Since the fashion world is constantly changing, one has to keep abreast with what’s new and what’s not to continue being on the trend!

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Bridal Styling Melbourne

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Every woman dreams of a beautiful wedding and that includes the perfect bridal make up. It is true that every detail is given a certain amount of significance to ensure that this kind of monumental event is perfect. Also, the fact that one will take more than a dozen of candid pictures before, after and during the ceremony is enough for every bride to worry. Nobody wants to look like an overdone drag queen or a pale ghost with her bridal make up!

Bridal Styling MelbourneThere are a few things you have to consider personally when deciding on one’s bridal make up. Here are some basic things that you might want to think about before choosing your color palette and style.

#1 Comfort

The first one of course is whether you are comfortable with your bridal make up or not. You have to know that there are a lot of great magazines that showcase cosmetics for special occasions. However, you must consider what works well not just with your skin tone and your motif but also with what makes you feel best all throughout the day.

You cannot have bridal make up that is dramatic or black smoky eye if you have never been used to wearing it. If you are not used to heavy tones you will definitely not feel comfortable looking “all made up.” For weddings, the classic and elegant almost natural “no make up look” is always best.

#2 Foundation

One of the most important components of bridal make up is the foundation. This serves as the base of your entire look. If you do not have the right foundation you might have an unusual skin color in the photos and in person. Your foundation should be clean and natural. Also, since it is used to even out skin tone and conceal minor skin blemishes, you have to have a foundation that blends seamlessly into your skin. Make sure that you match it with the skin tone on the jaw line.

#3 Long Lasting

A wedding celebration and ceremony lasts until the wee hours of the morning and you need to have bridal make up that can last as long as you do. You have to ensure that your make up will last all day and you can achieve this by wearing a primer and by blotting powder over your foundation. And, to avoid getting that greasy look in photographs, you have to pay attention to your T-zone or the forehead, nose and chin.

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