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In the past, people would never think that a make up artist can earn a pretty good salary. Most would never even consider it as a career. But, as fashion and beauty became more significant for women all over the world, any make up artist can have a salary that equals those of lawyers, marketing managers and corporate officers. However, it still depends on how one handles the opportunities and how one works in this chosen profession.

There are a lot of opportunities to earn big and be famous while being a make up artist. The fashion industry alone requires an army of stylists and cosmetic experts to continue inventing and reinventing the modern woman. If you are considering to build a successful and lucrative career as a make up artist, here are some ideas on where you might want to start.

#1 Spa and Salons

Make up ArtistOne of the most natural and common career choices for a make up artist is to work for a salon or a spa. There are a lot of women and even men who always make it a point to go to a salon to feel good at least twice a month. Working as an artist in a salon might sound like a small job but in reality, if you perform well and work hard you can end up setting up your own establishment in the future and earn more. Also, if you are good at your craft, you can work for salons with big names and companies like Sally Hansen or Bobby Brown.

#2 Direct Sales Cosmetic

A consumer cosmetic brand or direct sales cosmetic company hires make up artists as their representative because of the person’s knowledge on how to match appropriate color cosmetics for different skin tones. The knowledge of the artist when it comes to cosmetics will also be a good foundation to promote and sell products for brands such as Mary Kay orAvon. If you do your job well and learn the ropes to marketing, you will end up like the hundreds of millionaires in the industry.

#3 Show Business

The movie making industry, modelling agency and Magazine Empire are probably the most desirable fields where every make up artist wishes to end up working in. The prominence and popularity that one can achieve in any of these industries can catapult a person into a highly successful career. It is also the most fun and creative way that an artist can practice his or her craft. And, being chosen by a movie star or a top model to do each and every make-up opportunity for his or her career will ensure that you are set for life!

One just has to remember that being a make up artist takes a lot of hard work, knowledge and creativity. Since the fashion world is constantly changing, one has to keep abreast with what’s new and what’s not to continue being on the trend!

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