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Media today is filled with the picture perfect image of how a woman should look like, and as we women get older we find ourselves becoming more and more self conscious of how we dress, how old we are, and how old we look when we step out of the door every morning. This is becoming a big problem in today’s society as we sight more women, who are growing older but trying to look younger, and I’m not talking about trying to go back 3-4 years, I mean mothers copying their daughters. I’m going to try and help all you ladies out there and give you a few tips on how you can dress appropriately and still look great! The key factor in this process is to discover your own personal identity, so you aren’t just following the trends, but looking appropriate and unique too.

The First Step
What we need to do ladies is to figure out what we like, dislike and feel comfortable with. Start by grabbing a piece of paper and divide the page into two halves, what you like, and what you dislike. Be completely honest with yourself otherwise you won’t benefit from this and that’s what I want for you guys. Think about personal traits as well as physical. Now narrow it down and really come to terms with who you are. Think about how you want others to think of you, not just friends but strangers too. Now, write it down and analyse in conjunction with what you’ve got left in your list.

Buy according to what you like
Just because we’re getting older doesn’t mean we have to feel and look older. There are plenty of ways for you ladies to look great and feel great. Here’s something for you to try; next time you’re at the shopping centre and you see something you like, think back to your list and really think about whether you want it. If you do, go to an appropriate clothinMutten dressed as Lambg store and buy something like it. Even switch it up and accompany that shirt or outfit with some accessories. The possibilities are endless here. Keep to the same style and you will grow into it and eventually you will grow completely comfortable with your new style and your new sense of fashion.

If all fails and you are completely at a loss, it honestly doesn’t hurt to get an opinion from a friend in your age group. Reflect on how you present yourself to the world and dress accordingly. If you take this on a right turn, not only will it benefit you in the fashion world, but you will grow a new sense of confidence and beauty.

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