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Every woman dreams of a beautiful wedding and that includes the perfect bridal make up. It is true that every detail is given a certain amount of significance to ensure that this kind of monumental event is perfect. Also, the fact that one will take more than a dozen of candid pictures before, after and during the ceremony is enough for every bride to worry. Nobody wants to look like an overdone drag queen or a pale ghost with her bridal make up!

Bridal Styling MelbourneThere are a few things you have to consider personally when deciding on one’s bridal make up. Here are some basic things that you might want to think about before choosing your color palette and style.

#1 Comfort

The first one of course is whether you are comfortable with your bridal make up or not. You have to know that there are a lot of great magazines that showcase cosmetics for special occasions. However, you must consider what works well not just with your skin tone and your motif but also with what makes you feel best all throughout the day.

You cannot have bridal make up that is dramatic or black smoky eye if you have never been used to wearing it. If you are not used to heavy tones you will definitely not feel comfortable looking “all made up.” For weddings, the classic and elegant almost natural “no make up look” is always best.

#2 Foundation

One of the most important components of bridal make up is the foundation. This serves as the base of your entire look. If you do not have the right foundation you might have an unusual skin color in the photos and in person. Your foundation should be clean and natural. Also, since it is used to even out skin tone and conceal minor skin blemishes, you have to have a foundation that blends seamlessly into your skin. Make sure that you match it with the skin tone on the jaw line.

#3 Long Lasting

A wedding celebration and ceremony lasts until the wee hours of the morning and you need to have bridal make up that can last as long as you do. You have to ensure that your make up will last all day and you can achieve this by wearing a primer and by blotting powder over your foundation. And, to avoid getting that greasy look in photographs, you have to pay attention to your T-zone or the forehead, nose and chin.

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