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Image Consulting, Personal Styling & Coaching Melbourne.

Ever wonder what the best body shape is or what body shape you are? Your body type is the best body type! Embracing your body shape is the first step towards looking and feeling better.

Everyone has different body types and it’s important to dress accordingly to flatter your body to look and feel better. There are a few general tips that can help you when picking your next outfits.

Thinner fabrics maximise your shape if they’re loose but beware with Melbourne’s whether.
Wear clothes that fit well, skin tight clothes are always risky! .
Avoid belts unless you have a slim waist.
Don’t clutter your look with too many accessories, we want to look good, not metal.
Get a good preview of how you will look in your outfit by spreading them out on the bed as if you’re dressing yourself. Be brutally honest and keep your body shape in mind with this step.
Experiment with jackets, belts and scarves to customize your look with what you like the most. You can also try using different accessories for different outfits. You can mix and match to suit your personality, this will make you so much more comfortable, while looking terrific.

StylingShoes depends more on height than body type. Obviously if you’re tall you don’t need to buy heels and if you’re short you can loosen up on the flats. Explore what you like, flip flops go with anything but don’t really add to style and honestly ladies, I need to put this out there, sneakers do not go with skirts unless you’re playing a womens sport.

To all you ladies with the smaller frames, generally I would just recommend that you keep their clothes slim and narrow. Don’t try the oversized t-shirt thing because it will just look too baggy and weigh you down. Fitted t-shirts are most favourable for you. You can also draw attention to your curves by wearing jackets and shirts that make your body look curvy. Wear patterened tops to add a little extra dimension too.

It is generally hard to find clothes that look great for tall women, the skirts are always just too short, same with sleeves on shirts. High waisted skirts are a good option. Also, match layers on top wide wide cut pants. Also, don’t be afraid to wear heels to beautify your look!

For all you top-heavy women, avoid big tops, they won’t hide your figure, they’ll just make your look bigger. Also, avoid halter neck tops or “boob-tube’ tops that will emphasize the size of your shoulders.

All over the years, fashion has been a topic that is important for both genres; Fashion is a way of life now in this generation. In winter, the fashion is Jumpers, Jeans and all warm clothes, in summer the fashion is Shorts, skirts, t-shirt and all the light clothes that are suitable to go to the beach or just to feel comfortable. Fashion is discriminated in different types of styles, which are used by teenagers, like the style’s preppy, Fashion Forward, Goth, Punk, Hobo, Formal, Hippie, Casual, Botox, Jock, Artsy and Emo…

Fashion is something people love to have so they become the popular ones or the best dressed people but the truth is you don’t have to have a special fashion to be popular,  it depends in the person and the personality they have because sometimes people get discriminated to what they wear and the style of their clothes for instance,  Emo people wear everything black, wear makeup and their hair is always in the front of their face, other people that wear jeans and light shirts will be like I don’t want to talk to her/him because  of their clothes and not because they tried interacting with them in a nice way. Hippies  have always had a strong creative side brought upon by Hemp based clothing and the marijuana they had. Hemp had been used since the Egyptian era and had been re-born in the hippie era due to its similarity with what they had smoked. Their clothes had been attempted to be banned and discriminated by authorities and people who did not understand their culture. The hemp plant being very similar to a marijuana plant creates a light fabric the is comfortable like cotton and strong like nylon. This fabric is not used often as it is associated with being “stoned” with is unfortunate as it could be one of the best ever.

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